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The following are locations of existing

Canby Iron Works wrought iron fences and gates

Woodside Cemetery - Haviland Mill Road, Brookeville, MD

Steak Escape Restaurant - Charleston, WV

Bus Station Grille - 201 Capitol Street; Charleston, WV

Steak Escape Restaurant - 4062 U.S. Route 60; Huntington, WV

The Vandalia Heritage Foundation - 701 Benoni Avenue; Fairmont, WV

5120 Nebraska Avenue; Washington D.C.

116 South Ohio Avenue; Columbus, Ohio

2339 Holt Road; Columbus, Ohio

326 South High Street; Lancaster, Ohio

834 Market Street; Zanesville, Ohio

6624 Parkland Avenue; Cincinnati (Sailor Park), Ohio

519 East 4th Street; Waverly, Ohio

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4198 Marietta Road SW, Junction City, OHIO USA
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