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Things to Consider
When Buying Wrought Iron Fence


There are some distinct differences in the way our family designs and constructs our wrought iron fence to ensure the highest quality and durability.  When comparing wrought iron fences, note the size of the picket offered.


Though most companies offer many sizes, their standard picket is usually 1/2” in diameter. Vandals and lawn mowers can bend rods relatively easily.  Our wrought iron fences are built with 5/8” rods. While only 1/8” thicker than the standard, our pickets are much more durable.

Our standard 2” line posts are made from the heaviest (1/4” wall) tube available in that size, whereas some companies use thinner-wall posts. We believe our thicker post will ensure generations of service and strength.


Our wrought iron posts come with a cast iron ball as a standard top. The ball is securely welded on all four sides, distinguishing us from other many other iron fence providers.


This site shows our standard models and sizes. Other styles and sizes are available, but all are built with the same quality materials and workmanship.

Nearly all models of Canby Iron fences can be graded to allow for slope.

Made in the USA
4198 Marietta Road SW, Junction City, OHIO USA
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