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General Information

Site Measurement
Generally the customer accurately measures the total distance to be fenced, and we then calculate the cost based on that measurement.

Many lawns and other areas where the fence is installed will have a slope. There are two ways to handle this. The first of these is stair-stepping the panels at each post, by attaching the panels lower at different heights on either sides of the post, and keeping the panels level in between adjacent posts. “click here”

The second and preferred way is to build the panels to follow the grade/slope. This method keeps the pickets and posts vertical, while allowing the cross-members to follow the slope.  This method also allows the panels to be attached at the same height on either side of the posts. “click here” There is an extra charge for grading, depending on the severity of the slope. The amount of slope can be determined accurately by the customer.  By request, we can do an onsite grade check.


Shipping /Delivery
Customers may pick up their customized wrought iron products at our shop, located in Junction City, Ohio. Many times we are able to delivery your product depending on time constraints and distance. Additionally, we have many contacts in the motor freight industry and would gladly help arrange shipment and delivery of your product to a freighting company for a minimal charge.



A wrought iron fence is easy to install.  It bolts together with hardware which we provide.  Self-installation is the most economical option for the customer. .  Post holes are easily dug by hand using a post-hole digger, or by machine. In some cases, our customers hire local contractors to install, in which case we can consult with the contractor by phone. Canby Iron Works also offers installation, at a pre-determined rate including a mileage rate, hourly wage, installation materials, equipment rental if necessary, meals and motel expenses if more than one day is required.  A cost estimate is provided for your approval in advance.   


Production Time
All of our products are custom-made.  Depending on the magnitude of the project and availability, there is normally a one-month period between order placement and completion.  We can provide a time estimate prior to your decision to choose us.






Things to Consider



Made in the USA
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